Mugs | Coffee Mug Cuties

Shop for artistic coffee mugs to add to your dinnerware set. You will love our affordable low prices for these fun, cute and inspirational home and kitchen mugs that are value-priced and will not bust your budget. If you are looking for cute mugs to coordinate with your kitchen accessories and dinnerware ensemble you have come to the right place. Are you looking for inspirational mugs with messages? We have got those too. Most of us like to be inspired on a daily basis and we look for inspiration in our environment, in people, we interact with or from whatever source we can find it. Imagine reading a message on a coffee mug and feeling that message instantly lift your spirit,blue-ball-zebra-stripe-flyer-october-3-2016-med.png make you laugh or just make you think about something in that moment. These are those mugs. They are illustrated with beautiful artwork that adds another dimension to the messages. The Believe! mug is great to give as a gift to a co-worker, friend or to keep for yourself. The word Believe! is written in different languages and colors on the mug. The Glass Ceiling Shattered/Dare to Think Outside of the Box mug lets you know that you too can climb the corporate ladder even if the rungs on the ladder are broken or missing. In other words, we should believe that we can do anything. The mugs are 11-ounce ceramic mugs and they are dishwasher safe.