Coffee Mug Cuties with Quotes, Messages and Sayings

Black and white with red balls mug from

The Motivate and Inspire Collection of 11 ounce ceramic mugs are adorned with beautiful and clever messages along with artwork.  Most of us like to be inspired on a daily basis and we look for inspiration in our environment.  We look for inspiration in others and we look for inspiration from whatever source we can find it.  A lot of the time, we look for items and products for inspirational messages such as plaques, coffee mugs, wall hangings or decorative pillows to simply remind us to think positive, and to believe and dream our best dreams. 

The message quotes are inspirational and motivational in nature and designed to uplift and promote positive thinking outside of the box. We also want to be reminded to be creative and stay focused.  When those messages are there for us to see on a daily basis whether at home or at work, it is harder for us not to stay positive and focused.  At Andrea and Me and Me Too, positive messages on products are amplified with illustrated, beautiful artwork that adds another dimension to those messages,  which sets these mugs apart from other plain message mugs.