The Pretty Pillows Collection of Throw Pillows & Sofa Pillows

Room makeover ideas.  Decorative throw pillows are very desirable and are often given as gifts to newlywed couples, for birthdays, as housewarming gifts, and on a myriad of other occasions.  The pillows at online boutique Andrea and Me and Me Too are artistically conceived and brighten up the area wherever they are placed.  Add them to beds, window seats, stack them in corners, and, of course, place them on sofas and chairs.

They are designed with bold beautiful colors, graphics and patterns and the fabric is made of a polyester blend.  They are available in size 16x16 inches and have a zipper closure. Give your favorite room a makeover boost without busting your budget, or the added expense of buying new furniture and add a little excitement with beautiful pillow cushions from The Pretty Pillows Collection.