Abstract Bamboo Bohemian and Art Deco Style Orange Yellow and Black Long Necklace from The Pretty Pendants Collection at Andrea and Me and Me Too www.andreaandme.com
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Art Deco Style Bamboo Pendant Necklaces

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Show your unique fashion style while wearing these Art Deco bamboo necklace pendants. [Shown] abstract bamboo Bohemian and Art Deco style orange, yellow and black long necklace.

Our alluring Art Deco style bamboo necklace pendants are where handcrafted elegance meets sustainable beauty.

Our jewelry is not mass produced. It is made by hand, so the pieces are not identical.  You can be sure that when you purchase from us you will get a truly unique and one of a kind piece of art to wear.  The necklace is made of bamboo wood and resin. You simply pull it over your head with the bead at the bottom by the tail. The pendant is approx.  2  inches, and hangs on a 38 inch long cord, which makes it great to wear with your favorite top.   

  • Handmade
  • Lightweight
  • 38 inches long with a 2 inch pendant
  • Stylish and fashion-forward
  • Unique original artwork
  • Versatile
  • Moderately priced

Shop Andrea and Me and Me Too -  Get yours today! at www.andreaandme.com

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