Cow pattern acrylic pendant necklace on 19 inch cord with 2 inch round pendant. Express your individuality with the handcrafted art to wear clear acrylic pendant necklaces from The Pretty Pendants Collection at
Brown cow pattern acrylic pendant necklace from Andrea and Me and Me Too at
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Art Deco Style Acrylic Jewelry | Handmade Necklace Cow Pattern

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This modern unique handmade Art Deco | Boho style acrylic and resin handmade jewelry has a cow pattern with tan accents.  The design is transparent and fashion forward.  It will beautifully accessorize any outfit you choose to wear.  Great to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

CAUTION:  This collection is for people with way too much attitude to dress or look like everyone else on the planet. The pendant is hung on a black rayon blend cord (approx. 19 inches).

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