Blue and white wooden necklace jewelry pendant that is hung on a 19 inch long black cord and the pendant is 2 inches round. . Express your individuality with the artsy acrylic and wooden pendant necklaces that are handcrafted into works of art to wear from The Pretty Pendants Collection at
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Jewelry | Boho Chic Wooden Necklace Pendant Blue and White Striped Tie-Back

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This handcrafted wood and resin pendant necklace has bold blue and white stripes. Pair it with your favorite apparel for a dressed up or down look. The pendant is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it a great choice to wear anywhere. Plus, the bold blue and white stripes make it the perfect accessory jewelry piece. You will definitely receive a lot of compliments of this wooden necklace. 

Moderately priced with high quality, this wooden fashion jewelry is made for today’s fashionista trendsetters.   The pendant is 2 inches round and hung on a black rayon blend cord (approx.. 31 inches) with bead end closures to tie back so you can drape the ends in the back or the front.


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